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VRM10 Sprite
VRM10 dial
VD110 EUD Eyes Up Display
Sprite box
Digital audio Glider Variometer

With numeric average display, inbuilt speaker with new inovative designs.

Tasman Instruments Variometers - beyond expectations

The most difficult task faced by the Tasman Instruments research and development team was to extend the performance of our previous V1000/V2000 Variometer products. We devoted many hours of intensive laboratory testing and inflight evaluation, including comparison of competitor products, incorporation of suggestions and feedback collected over many years from our valued customers, all of which have been integrated into the design of our new Variometer range.

Low Power consumption Minimal power consumption with VRM10 and VD110 Variometer products using reflective, non backlit displays and high efficiency audio. Backlights have high power demands that reduce valuable battery life that is better conserved for communications and navigational functions.

Gust Interference rejection provided a strong focus in the development of the VRM10 and VD110 Variometer products. The VRM10 and VD110 have at their core, fast response with rejection of spurious pressure signals, ie. rejected not filtered, leaving for processing pure high resolution barometric data that we glider pilots need.

Improved performance utilizing an interlaced sampling technique, resulting in a sharp attack time, no waiting for a response from the instrument, with the feel in the seat matching the audio from the instrument, where even a quarter of a second is too long causing confusion with extra workload for the pilot.

In summary, our VRM10 and VD110 series of Glider Variometers overcome the common shortfalls of pressure sensor Variometers. Combined with rejection of spurious signals and faster filter response times, real time response performance has been realised, meaning more accurate data for the pilot.

Altitude compensated >>50,000 ft.

Bright clear display with simulated pointer or bar graph, numeric average value and elapsed time clock.

Gear warning input with spoken word message for peace of mind in busy traffic.

3 year warranty. (conditions apply)

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