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VRM10 Sprite
VRM10 dial
VD110 EUD Eyes Up Display
Sprite box
Digital audio Variometer

With numeric average display, inbuilt speaker and a new inovative design.
Features: Benefits:
Simple installation arrowTwo buttons-power and volume
arrowInternal speaker
Display features arrowCentre screen average display numbers (default setting)
arrowTime of flight clock display
arrowTrend arrows for "decision to leave" assistance
arrowLCD pointer display
Fast controlled response arrowMinimal initial delay
arrowGust signals "rejected" not filtered
arrowMinimal stick response
arrowLCD pointer display
High resolution, 0.1knot arrowStay airborne in light conditions
arrowResponds to small changes for better lift optimisation
arrowCentre screen average display in numbers
arrowLCD pointer display
Pleasant audio sound arrowMinimal "head in cockpit" time
arrowLow fatigue
arrowSink tone start time delay
arrowLCD pointer display
Spoken word warnings arrowClear voice low battery warning
arrowClear voice gear warning if connected to switches
Compact size MIL standard housing arrowEfficient use of panel real estate
arrowConforms to 2.25 inch standard
Minimal power consumption arrowReflective display-No display backlight required
arrowHigh efficiency audio
arrowSelf turn off if not flying
Future proof arrowNew speed to fly segments for future addons
3 year warranty arrowPurchase with confidence
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