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VRM10 Sprite
VRM10 dial
Sprite box
Digital audio Variometer.

With numeric average display and inbuilt speaker. New innovative design.

VRM10 enclosure conforms to the standard MIL specifications for 2.25 inch or 57mm panel opening.
VRM10 case

Cable for power connection is supplied.
VRM10 is supplied with an internal loudspeaker but an external speaker can be easily connected via a standard stereo 3.5mm phone plug to the socket provided.
Where undercarriage or PTT connections are made, screw terminals are provided. see documents section.

TE probe
One tube connector for TE probe plumbing connection.

Remote Variometer display VRM05 with the supplied cable assembly for 2 seat. VRM05 remote display houses its own loudspeaker and requires no extra connections.
The Variometer requires a standard 57mm. dia. panel cutout.

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