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VRM10 Sprite
VRM10 dial
Sprite box
Digital audio Variometer.

With numeric average display and inbuilt speaker. New innovative design.

VRM10 has front ports to allow sound produced from its internal speaker to exit directly from the panel. External speaker can be simply connected automatically disconnecting the internal speaker for minimal power use.

VD110 has a ceramic speaker included in the display enclosure where a magnet would be too close to any panel mounted compass. Default tone is "standard" Tasman with a sink signal that is not obtrusive, and with behavior that can be controlled via user settings.

Climb tone can be selected as "Tasman" or "classic" - interrupted sliding tone which changes in pitch and interval.

Sink tone has a timer so that the sink value has to be Continuously below the selected threshold for sink tone to be produced.
Sink tone threshold can be either -2.5 or -4.0 knots (-1.25 or -2 m/sec).

Audio response is arranged to give the greatest resolution at the lower climb rates. At climb rates below about 2.5 knots, a change of 0.1 knot can readily be detected in the audio tone. This gives the maximum amount of Variometer information to the pilot at times when a Variometer is most important i.e when trying to recover in weak lift, or to extend a flight on winter days or during wave flights.

Concise audio is essential to maximize the lookout time for the pilot. Concise audio information maximizes the pilots achieved climb rate without the need for visual reference to the Variometer for confirmation of the current climb rate.

External speaker is easily connected.

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