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Fp10 Flight Pack Air Data Engine.

Flight Computer air data engine.

Collects GPS and Vario data, adds True Air speed and Barometric altitude.
Supply power and data for a Flight Computer solution on a PNA or Oudie with XCsoar, SeeYou etc.
The Tasman Instruments Flight Pack is a small package that connects a Tasman Variometer and external GPS to a portable PC.

The FP10 Air Data Engine and Variometer combination generates a complete air data set and, with an external GPS connected, such as a Flarm, provides NMEA position plus NMEA air data to drive a variety of flight software installed on a PDA or portable PC.
This system is able to provide data to a portable PC that is normally only available from expensive flight computer systems. Data for calculation of wind vector without circling, barometric altitude and current lift/sink rate for reliable glide predictions.

A proprietary PC application is available for download. Fp10 Utility provides a "Virtual Panel" with both Barometric and QFE/QNH Altimeters, TAS, ASI, OAT and Variometer values, service data and settings.

The FP10-s5V also offers a high efficiency regulated power supply for providing +5 volt power to the PDA and GPS from an external +12 volt battery. Both regulated 5 volt and 12 volt battery supply is available at the GPS connector. Readily available DB9 connectors are provided for GPS and PC cables to satisfy the wide variety of connector combinations possible.

Note: As there is such a large range of devices that can be used with the Flight Pack, Tasman Instruments are not able to supply the GPS or PC/PDA lead. These leads are available from specialist GPS/PC suppliers, vendors of soaring hardware such as Cumulus Soaring Inc.
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