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EGT Dual channel A50/1

A50/1 view
dg400 a50/1
DG400 Installation Larger view DG400
Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge.
Dual EGT.
Suitable for all two cylinder two stroke engines.
Ideal for Motor Gliders and Sailplanes with two stroke two cylinder engines.
Designed for two cylinder two stroke engines the Tasman dual EGT gauge combines the ease of reading of analog type displays with the advantages of digital technology. The temperatures of two exhausts can be read in the minimum of time, allowing more time for external lookout. The expanded scale gives the highest resolution to the temperature range of 400-700 degrees. An alarm function flashes the display at a reading above 650 deg. to command the attention of the operator. Identification of the probes is by the F and R (FRONT and REAR) on the display face. The rugged housing requires a standard aircraft 57mm dia panel cutout. Installation and connection for a variety of applications is simplified as a result.

Peak temperature reading is constantly being monitored and recorded. If there is a decrease in temperature the higher reading is stored as a maximum or peak. Next time power is applied to the instrument the last peak reading is displayed for several seconds before display of the current temperature. The memory is preserved without power being connected and will not be overwritten until a probe is reading over 400deg C.

Stainless steel oxide insulated industrial Thermocouples with quality stainless steel fittings.
The rugged probes offer maximum reliability, with no oil leakage.
Position the fittings so that the probe TIPS are 100mm from the piston skirt. Note: The fittings may be fitted angled or from the side of the manifold. See Installation manual.
A compensated terminal box at the engine allows the use of a copper signal cable for greatest flexibility in both the installation and operation.
The fittings are intended to be welded to the exhaust manifold.

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